Modding Skyrim : The ceaseless quest

So I took a gaming sabbatical. Around September I realised I hadn’t played games for a few months, spending most of my spare time working on the blog. To remedy this situation I self-prescribed a bit of time spent playing games. This was conveniently combined with another realisation, I still hadn’t finished the main quest in Skyrim.

Clearly this is normal

Clearly a perfectly normal dungeon, there’s nothing sinister at work here…

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Sequels : Exceptions to the rule : Part 3 : Grand Theft Auto

It’s time for the last in my series on gaming sequels and exceptions to the law of diminishing marginal returns. In this case it’s Grand Theft Auto (GTA), because I’m basically drooling in anticipation of GTA5’s release. Grand Theft Auto started from humble beginnings as a top down 2d pixelated anarchic crime spree from DMA Design (now known as Rockstar North) back in 1997. A city based free roaming open world game with the combination of casual criminality and the ability to do almost anything you could want drew me and my friends in like depraved moths to a sexy flame. I didn’t have a PC at the time but I played it with great enthusiasm at my friends’ places.

Like an Adventure Holiday

This screenshot hints strongly at GTA5 having the kind of scope that San Andreas had. Good times ahead?

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Copyright infringement off the port bow (why crying wolf should have an activation limit)

The following article is partly cannibalised from a post I wrote a number of years ago on the Infinity – Quest for Earth forums. If you haven’t seen or heard of Infinity, look it up. Why? Because a procedurally generated game with infinite content that maintains commonality by sharing algorithms with other game clients is a damn cool idea. That’s why. But I digress.

Game piracy is a pretty difficult and thorny issue which is rarely explored in much detail without resorting to oversimplification and emotive propaganda. So much so that just about any debate seems to descend to straw manning. In some of the more rational and measured analyses of the issue I’ve read there seem to be a few shared points that keep cropping up which I feel obliged to elaborate and comment on.

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